Best Progress Awards for English or Chinese Language

This “soft competition” was introduced in 4 schools in 2018-2019 to encourage and recognize students making significant progress in language subjects, (irrespective of whether they are local or non-Chinese-speaking students); and to motivate students to maintain a successful mindset in their struggling learning path, even though their results may not be as “outstanding” as some of their peers.

A total of 133 students were awarded in 2019.  A total of HK$49,000 was distributed to 133 awardees (out of 2500 participants). This program is very successful and will continue in 2019-2020.

Extra English tuition

Commencing from October 2019, 8 volunteers (Nicole SICARD’s past students) run an “English Fun Class” for P4 to P6 students. The Class aims at encouraging the students to speak up in English.

Extra-curricular activities

A group of 10 teenagers called “MAYAA’s Friend Club” from a prestigious International School in HK ran 6 sessions of “One-to-one English Storybooks Reading” for P1 to P3 students from a disadvantaged Primary school. This service has been very welcome, and the parents requested that it continue in the new school year.