IN 2019, MAYAA has organized:

  • INFIRMARY: There is now an infirmary in our CENTER where people can find our medical staff when they need.
  • Almost 1.000 patients have been treated either during medical camps or in the medical facility of the new Centre
  • 15 AWARENESS PROGRAMS were conducted in 2019 gathering a total of 1.179 participants. These are meant to raise awareness amongst the local community regarding daily issues such as: hand washing, dental hygiene, menstruation, family planning, vaccinations, worm infestation, junk food, nutrition, dengue fever, child marriage, sexual abuse, etc….

 2020, CHALLENGES: Continue the existing program and enhance FOLLOW UP

What we already do:

  • MAYAA organises a FREE MEDICAL CHECK UP every month in one of the 5 “partner-schools”. All the family are invited to come and see the doctor. Medicines are provided free of charge. SPECIALISTS are regularly involved (opticians, dentists, gynaecologists…)
  • HEALTH BOOK: Children sponsored by MAYAA have their own health book so that our doctors can monitor vaccinations and growth rates
  • PREVENTION: After each camp, the data collected is added to a database for statistics, so that we can focus our actions on the most common pathologies and try to prevent them.
  • PARTNERSHIP: MAYAA has built partnerships with local hospitals for serious illnesses.
  • MEDICAL STAFF:  MAYAA employs 1 part time doctor and 1 full time nurse/nutritionist
  • Apart from the monthly health camps and free surgeries at the infirmary in the Centre, they regularly go and visit families and provide the parents with counselling.