Support us

Give once, give on a monthly basis for a year, but please give.

Help change someone’s life. Each gives what he can – there are no small donations, just your generosity whatever it may be.


1 years’ schooling

Uniforms, books & exam fees


A hot meal

Everyday for a year


1 Health Camp

Medicines & consumables

Sponsor a child

Give them the guarantee of a brighter future and the reassurance that they have someone behind them for the whole of their schooling.

Sponsors will receive regular updates of the progress of the child, and when possible, personal letters written by the child. Sponsors may also write to the child through the intermediary of Mayaa Nepal.

Mayaa World is well aware of the criticism levelled at child sponsorship. You will be sponsoring a specific child and will know their name as well as follow their progress. The child will be required to compose correspondence in English as part of their studies. All contact between the sponsor and the child will be through Mayaa Nepal.

(Due to Hong Kong data privacy laws it is not possible to sponsor individual children in Hong Kong, though specific donations can be allocated to children here)

For all sponsorship questions please contact:

Sponsor a University Student

Mayaa Nepal has reached a level of success that some of our students are now looking at a university education.

We are looking for sponsors who are prepared to cover the university costs of a student aspiring to the same profession as themselves. The cost is variable depending on the course chosen (social work, engineering, medicine).

Contact will still be through Mayaa Nepal, but with closer links between one professional and another. The sponsor may eventually give guidance and assitance to the student in their choices and in their work.

For all sponsorship questions please contact:

Become a corporate partner

By becoming one of Mayaa’s partners, you share our values of solidarity and protection of the rights of the child.

You are associated with a strong partner and share the success of our activities, which are being carried out in a spirit of cost-conscious management and professionalism.

Your generosity is also a vector for company awareness and Mayaa would be proud to mention your sponsorship in our literature as well as partake in company events

We are specifically interested in expertise patronage, and partnership with companies who could build a bond with our students, giving them an insight to corporate life, and maybe a future career.

As a Chapter 88 NGO there may also be fiscal advantages in supporting us.

Please contact us to discuss how a partnership can be of mutual benefit: