Who we are

Mayaa Nepal

Sponsors 250 Children



Health care

Social services

Created in 2012

10 Staff

Dedicated Centre

Mayaa Hong Kong

Sponsors 100 children




Created in 2016

15 Volunteers


Mayaa France



Created in 2017

4 Volunteers


How it all started

Mayaa Nepal was created in 2011 from the remains of a previous association, Concern by two friends, Nicole Sicard and Sarbendra Pachhai.

Nicole was born in France, but has lived in Hong Kong for the last 50 years, living and working as a teacher in the local community, believing that only through education can people improve their chances in life. She has received numerous accolades for her work and dedication to the most needy, recently being made Chevalière de la Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest accolade. Sarbendra is passionate about his country and is involved in a number of charity organisations. He firmly believes that the by giving a good education to all children, the future generations will bring prosperity to themselves and to the country

Growth and the future

Mayaa Hong Kong was created in 2016, initially as a source of fundraising, but soon to help the local population many of whom struggle to make ends meet. Soon after it’s creation Mayaa Hong Kong was given the status of an NGO with Chapter 88 tax exemption advantages.

Mayaa France followed in 2018 also with the aim of raising funds. Thus, Mayaa became Mayaa.World to reflect the global reach.

And next? Mayaa wants to remain manageable and not expand beyond its current capacities. We want to ensure that we have sufficient funds to guarantee the education of the children we cover for the next few years. Our main focus will remain the children of Nepal and Hong Kong where the need is greatest, with fundraising located in countries where our volunteers reside, at present, Hong Kong and France.

Our team in Nepal

Sarbendra Pachhai

Inspirational Founder

Sabnam Katuwal


Jamuna Tamang


Nihita Pachhai

Director - Operations

Maya Dangol


Shraddha Thapa


Sanju Maharjan

Social worker

Monika Karki


And with the precious help of

Jamie Sills

And our Volunteers

Anita Ghale


Pabrita Rana Magar


Our team in Hong Kong

Nicole Sicard

Inspirational founder

Zola Chan

Hong Kong coordinator

Anne-Christine Martin

Director – Operations

Aline Melinette

Volunteer coordinator

Ian Brodie

Director - Back-office

And with the precious help of

Caroline Flamand
Caroline Vimont
Clémentine Moiroud
Didier Pujol
Monica Metadier
Peggy Tang
Priya Agrawal
Radost Barteau
Sophie Mak

Marion Sander

Director - Finance

Our team in France

Hubert Dumont

President France

Patrice Hommel

Treasurer France

Clemence Fabre

Social media

And with the precious help of

Priscilla Scotti D'albertis

Stephanie Plaisantin

Clarisse Jean Jarry

Armelle Huriez

Stéphanie Desrieux

Florence Vacher

Julian et Maureen Ostheim