In Nepal

31st poorest country in the world

Less than 50% of children in the poorest districts attend school


300 Children sponsored from Day-care to University

Close monitoring of school attendance and results

5 partner schools

Solidarity and counselling

Free school meals, uniforms & books

Clothing distribution

Emergency medical care

Healthcare and nutrition

Regular healthcamps open to all

part-time doctor

Health, nutrition and hygiene awareness classes

Family protection

Assistance to families

Child protection

Women empowerment

In Hong Kong

20% of the population live below the HK poverty index

No social support to cover family emergencies

Financial Support

Financial support to children in 10 schools

Payment of exam fees, books and stationary

Healthcare support for the most needy

Activity support to the local schools

Extra-curricular activities

Learning support for children with difficulties

Extra English tuition


In Hong Kong, France and elsewhere

Without which we couldn’t support so many children

Generous donations are essential

But also Through

  • Concerts

  • Theatre plays

  • Sponsored sporting challenges

  • Charity sales